Review & Analysis — This service includes an evaluation of your current investment portfolio relative to your investment objectives, your time horizon, your risk profile, tax considerations, need for investment income, as well as other factors including the need for liquidity and estate planning issues.

Investment Policy Statement — After completing a thorough review and analysis of your existing portfolio, we will develop a personalized investment policy statement that will include a strategic asset allocation model, and recommendations for a revised asset mix, and implementation of specific investment strategies.

The Investment Policy Statement is the most critical component of any successful investment program. This statement will clearly identify your investment objectives, the time frame available to achieve the objectives, your overall risk tolerance, and future expectations with respect to rates of return. This statement will also identify liquidity requirements, income tax considerations, as well as other factors including risk management and estate considerations. The Investment Policy Statement will establish the framework for your personal investment plan, including the design of a strategic asset allocation model, establishment of benchmarks, and the process for periodic re-balancing.

Investment Management — After completing the detailed review and analysis, and developing the Investment Policy Statement and strategic asset allocation model, we will then recommend specific investments and implement the various investment strategies. We provide ongoing investment management services, including detailed reporting, portfolio rebalancing, and periodic review meetings.

Investment recommendations are based on a detailed analysis using sophisticated investment management tools with the assistance of recognized third party investment rating firms. We design a diversified and sophisticated investment management strategy that will, in the longer term, use the inherent properties of the various asset classes to maximise returns and minimise risk.

Your investments are then monitored continuously for any changes in strategies that may affect you, and your financial planner will contact you if changes are needed at any time. Our ongoing monitoring is your assurance that you benefit from the highest quality portfolio management.

This service includes consolidated investment reporting and a detailed annual review which includes performance reporting, though more frequent reviews are available by request.


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