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"During times of economic turbulence, always make sure your financial plan is up to date. That means having clearly defined investment goals and a portfolio that has been designed to help you reach them", says Marc Lamontagne, a certified financial planner with Ottawa fee-based investment firm Ryan Lamontagne Inc. 

CBC News, The Canadian Press
November 10 2016

While stock markets have been surprisingly resilient following the victory of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, investors are still anxiously wondering what to expect with their portfolios in the weeks and months to come.

Full text: How your portfolio should react to the economic uncertainty surrounding Trump

"Investing in a home or your education is also a good use of debt-but the education debt has to be thoughtful debt " says Vickie Campbell, a certified financial planner with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa . 

And in this new era of slow growth and low interest rates, "the golden rule is still diversification" says Ayana Forward, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa. 

MoneySense, Mark Brown, Julie Cazzin, Romana King & David Thomas
November 2016

How low bond yields, weaker stock returns and longer lives have sabotaged the rules of money. It's time to rewrite the guidelines that planners and investors rely on for saving and spending.

Full text: The New Rules of Money


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