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Getting people to set money aside involves tapping into their psychology – and forcing their hand.

Those tricks involve capitalizing on behavioural economics,  
adds Marc Lamontagne, a financial planner with Ryan Lamontagne Inc. in Ottawa.

He says that getting people to stay on track with their savings really comes down to forcing them to change – and preventing them (with their buy-in, of course) from accessing their savings all too easily.

Globe Advisor, Anna Sharratt
March 2016

Full text: Three Surprising Ways To Save


Most people still treat RRSPs as a pure tax deduction, what you should do as a first step is calculate how much you need to save to retire, then see if using an RRSP will be more tax efficient than a tax-free savings account (TFSA)" says Marc Lamontagne, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa. 

The Globe and Mail, Joel Schlesinger
February 2016

Millions of Canadians have registered retirement savings plans. Yet many of them do not give much thought to RRSPs beyond a monthly or annual contribution.

Full text: Six little known facts about RRSPs

TFSAs still aren't being used to potential 6 years after their creation. Experts blame the name

CBC, John Mazerolle
January 2016

"A TFSA is a really good for someone who has a good, solid pension...so that they can have some savings without really worrying about the tax implications f those withdrawals later in life" says Ayana Forward, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: Tax-Free Savings Accounts a good product with a bad name, experts say