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TFSAs still aren't being used to potential 6 years after their creation. Experts blame the name

CBC, John Mazerolle
January 2016

"A TFSA is a really good for someone who has a good, solid pension...so that they can have some savings without really worrying about the tax implications f those withdrawals later in life" says Ayana Forward, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: Tax-Free Savings Accounts a good product with a bad name, experts say

It takes two incomes to raise a family these days. Or does it? Behold, the completely acheivable guide to becoming a thriving one-income family.

MoneySense, Romana King
December 2015

"You may be surprised at how many expenses you can eliminate from your current two-income budget" says Ayana Forward, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: One For All


Now that baby Emily's here, the Martins' priorities have suddenly changed - and they're concerned about their financial future.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
September/October 2015

"The fact that their issues are about how to build more equity instead of how to make ends meet is telling" says Ayana Forward a Certified Financial Planner at Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: And Then There Were 3

The TFSA has come of age and is revolutionizing the way Canadians build their wealth.

MoneySense, Dan Bartolotti and Julie Cazzin
September/October 2015

"Any investment offering steady returns is not a bad option - except for U.S. dividend -paying stocks" which are better held in a RRSP says Certified Financial Planner, Vickie Campbell.

Full text: The New Way to Invest Even More