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Paula Lorimer and husband Pierre Sopel save $30,000 annually. They hope to retire at age 55 with a net annual income of $55,000

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
January 2015

"If the couple averages 4% net per year for life, their money will definitely last until age 95 and beyond," says Ayana Forward, CFP with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: Am I on Track...to Retire at Age 55?

Dave and Donna are saving for a first home, but aim not to give up their newlywed lifestyle in the process.

Globe and Mail, Dianne Maley
January 2015

"Dave and Donna should ensure that they stick to their budget and don't spend more than they can afford" says Vickie Campbell and Ayana Forward, certified financial planners with Ryan Lamontagne in Ottawa.

Full text: Financial Facelift: House Rules

Imagine an unexpected $670,000 inheritance out of the blue from a long lost uncle. It doesn't just happen in the movies-it really happened to Diego and Renata Padilla. With a baby on the way, it will change their lives forever.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
January 2015

"Diego is very risk averse", "He likes investing, but emotionally he panics" says Certified Financial Planner, Ayana Forward.

Full text: A Windfall of Worry

Sarah Tarraf moved her savings into segregated funds, an insurance product that protects a portion of the money against loss. But she didn't realize how high the fees were, and she's having second thoughts.

MoneySense, Julie Cazzin
January 2015

"It's not the right choice for someone this young, she has the time horizon to weather the market's ups and downs, and can get better long-term returns at a much lower cost" says Certified Financial Planner, Vickie Campbell.

Full text: The Sky-High Price of Peace of Mind

Canadians are falling deeper into debt, with Equifax reporting Wednesday that they are carrying an average of $20,891 in non-mortgage loans. But is all debt simply a burden or are some types better than others?

CBC News, Kazi Stastna
December 2014

"If you're going to take on debt, what you want is for it to actually be helping you achieve something or to increase your asset base." says Certified Financial Planner, Ayana Forward.

Full text: Debt: How to Use it and Not Abuse It


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