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Rani and Evan are at a turning point in their lives. Rani, who is 51, started a new job earlier this year. Evan, who is 57, wants to scale back a bit, even if it means working well past the usual retirement age.

The Globe and Mail, Dianne Maley
November 2013

“If he delays taking CPP until he is 70, his benefits would double from $680 a month at age 60 to $1,482 at age 70", Marc Lamontagne

Full text: After downsizing, couple needs help investing their money with little risk

We all know saving is a necessary part of financial management, yet for many of us, saving money means depriving ourselves of treats — a $5 pumpkin spice latte, for example.

Ottawa Citizen, Lisa Evans
October 2013

"Most people’s expenses tend to rise up to meet their available cash,” says Lamontagne.

Full text: Trick or Treat Your Savings Account

The Batemans want to retire at age 60, spend their winters in a Florida condo, and travel the world. 

MoneySense Magazine, Julie Cazzin
October 2013

“Morley and Sandy Bateman have done many things right. They have a lot of money to work with", says Marc Lamontagne of Ryan Lamontagne Inc. in Ottawa.

Full text: A road well travelled

Ontario advisors believe succession plans should be a given for wealth professionals and their dealers, ensuring clients are not left high-and-dry if something goes awry with their advisors.

Wealth Professional, Sophie Nicholls
October 2013

“I think it’s just intelligent planning to have any type of emergency plan,” said Ottawa-based financial planner Marc Lamontagne of Ryan Lamontagne Inc.

Full text: Death or retirement – What Happens to Your Clients?


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