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Real estate values have been on a tear for the past five years in many parts of Canada, as low interest rates have encouraged investors to enter the housing market

Advisor.ca, by Steven Lamb
March 2006

With easy access to cheap money and innovations such as "zero-down" mortgages, many Canadians have dipped their toes into real estate as an investment.

As with all rallies, there have also been concerns that the market was in bubble territory — concerns that have yet to be proven right.

According to the T. Stenner Group at CIBC Wood Gundy's True Wealth Report, an annual survey of high net worth individuals, wealthy investors have become wary of the real estate market, with 89% saying real estate was either "expensive" or "somewhat expensive."

Full text: The real estate debate: Boom or bubble?

This book is designed to contribute to the foundation of basic information that leaders and researchers will need when they begin to devote much more time and resources to the institutional adjustments that the up-coming wave of retirements among baby boomers will require

edited by Leroy Stone, Statscan. Marc Lamontagne co-authors the concluding chapter
February 2006

Its contents deal with aspects of retirement that have been outside the main focus in the research literature, but which will likely receive much greater attention in the future. These aspects include social issues arising from the emergence of a large number of people who form a substantial proportion of the adult population and whose length of time in retirement will be as long as that of a generation, roughly 25 years; women’s retirement; family dynamics and retirement; and retirement processes among people with no career job as conventionally defined.

More information about the book: New Frontiers of Research in Retirement