Our PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICE is our flagship offering – it is a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management program designed to keep you on track with respect to achieving all of your lifetime financial objectives. This program combines financial planning, tax and investment advisory services into one convenient and effective package. This service includes the following:

  • Financial Planning and Counselling
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Plan Implementation
  • Ongoing Review

An effective Wealth Planning program creates a ‘life plan’ for the client that helps them understand the ‘big picture’ … and how to balance what are sometimes conflicting or competing objectives, to make prudent financial decisions, and implement changes that provide a total wealth planning solution that promotes short-term and long-term financial well-being.

You have a doctor, a dentist, and maybe a specialist like a chiropractor. But do you ever wonder how much better your care would be if they all worked under one roof and compared notes about you. We have created a team that supports our clients by offering full function financial services in all key areas; a team of specialists that provide complimentary skill sets. This "Private Office" approach provides a full range of advisory and management services to facilitate the ongoing management of your family's personal financial affairs through a single professional firm and consolidated reporting.

Your dedicated adviser will optimize your ‘life plan’ with your investment policy and tax minimization plan. In so doing, we will contact you to set regular meetings, to review your goals, and to discuss future planning opportunities. We maintain a close and active relationship with you.

As a “Private Client”, you will also have access to our online Client Vault and file sharing website. It will allow you, your financial planner and other approved advisors to share personal information in a secure and private environment.


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