If you ever want to see Personal Finance columnists from the various media outlets froth at the mouth, bring up the topic of mutual fund fees

Paterson & Associates Special Report, by Dave Paterson, CFA
June 2007

They will climb on top of their pulpits and shout about the evils of the MER to any and all that would listen. While I poke fun at them, they do have an extremely valid point. Fund fees in Canada are high. In fact, according to a recent study released by Peter Tufano, Ajay Khorana, and Henri Servaes, Canada’s mutual fund fees are the highest in the world.

IFIC and various industry groups have pointed out a number of perceived inaccuracies in the study, namely the various reporting standards across jurisdictions may result in the fees in other countries actually being higher than reported. Nevertheless, we do pay the highest mutual fund fees in the world and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

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