OTTAWA - An expert in personal financial planning says that even though the average Canadian continues to add debt, it's never too late to get out from under it and save for retirement.

Ottawa Sun, by Scott Taylor
August 2011

Marc Lamontagne, a partner of Ottawa-based firm Ryan Lamontagne Inc., said success comes down to common sense, hard work and discipline. "You need a budget and a plan. Most people don't keep a budget and don't have a plan to get out of debt. So there is some work involved to figure out where your money goes every month." He said software packages that can be downloaded can help organize and categorize expenses, making it easy to see where the money is going. "Work with a certified financial planner to design a plan to pay off debts and then start working on other goals, such as retirement, children's post-secondary education and perhaps even a cottage.

Full text: How to lose debt weight


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